Jasmine Baihao Yinzhen
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Jasmine Baihao Yinzhen

A delicious jasmine silver tips, consisting of only the highest quality leaf buds flavoured with fresh jasmine flowers. The tea has a delicate sweet flavour and a lovely floral jasmine aroma.

This tea is from Fuding, in China's Fujian Province. After harvesting in spring, the buds are slightly-withered, dried under the sun and left in cold storage until late summer. When late summer comes around, the tea leaves will be laid out in a bed on the factory floor then blended with freshly-picked jasmine flowers. The combination will be left overnight, allowing the buds to absorb the character of the jasmine flowers. In the morning, the buds and flowers will be separated by hand. The process will then be repeated for another 6 to 7 nights.

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